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Open Policy Course

Page history last edited by John Stapleton 9 years, 6 months ago

Open Policy Course in Public Policy for Advocates and Activists - 2010

Conducted by John Stapleton


Note - this is an archived site used as reference

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-Course Outline PDF 2012

-New Writings from John Stapleton

-Course Outline Doc 2010

-Course outline PDF 2010



Session 1 (Jan 15, 2010) What is Public Policy?


Session 2 (Jan 22 2010) My Role in Public Policy as an Advocate


Session 3 (Jan 29 2010) Policy Boot Camp!


Session 4 (Feb 5, 2010) Good and Bad Policy-Making


Session 5 (Feb 12, 2010) Federal Policy with Havi Echenberg


Session 6 (Feb 19, 2010) Ontario Legislation 101


Session 7 (Feb. 26, 2010) The Role of Data in Public Policy-by Richard Shillington


Session 8 (March 5, 2010) Municipal Policy Making with Tobias Novogrodsky and Joe Manion  (City of Toronto)


Session 9 (March 12, 2010) Best Practices in Public Policy for Activists and Advocates with Armine Yalnizian 


**No Session for March 19***but class is booked and you can talk to John about a particular issue


Session 10 (March 26, 2010) Stakeholders and their importance with Trish Henessy (CCPA)


Session 11 (April 9, 2010) Policy Analysis and Development


Session 12 (April 16, 2010) Learning About the Media with Laurie Monsebraaten, Toronto Star


Session 13 (April 23, 2010)The Role of Important People and Rockstars: The L'Oreal Question


Summer Reading List


Other Works By John Stapleton with Metcalf Foundation, CBC and more...


Session 14 (September 10th) Understanding Ontario Civil Servants 


Session 15 (September 17) Understanding Ontario Civil Servants Part II


Session 16 (September 24) Mold on a Yak


Session 17 (October 1) History of Everything


Session 18 (October 8) Foundations! Metcalf and Atkinson Presentation




Session 19 (October 22) Branding and Malcolm Gladwell


Session 20 (October 29) Making Policy a Habit!


Session 21 (November 5) Is there a Policy time of Year?


Session 22 (November 12) Cost Benefit Analysis


Session 23 (November 19) When Prophecy Fails and Who Killed the Last Tree


Session 24 (November 29) Promoting Vertical Conversations


Session 25 (December 4) Evaluating Social Programs


Session 26 (December 10) Your Evaluation of the Course! 




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